How to Write a perfect GPT prompt

How to write a perfect GPT prompt





Be specific with your rerquest

  • 清楚地罗列信息/给出要求

  • 避免模棱两可的词汇

“Tell me about climate change.”

“What are the primary causes of climate change, and what are some potential solutions to mitigate its effects?”

Provide context and background info.



Prompt: I have 3 years of experience as a software developer. Now I got bored with coding and want to transition to another career. My education qualifications are B. Tech in computer science, and I am well-versed in understanding the business side of software as well. Suggest a list of career options that are easy for me to transition.

Use explicit constraints and guidelines


  • 标准化输出

    • json、html类型输出(一般情况下用不到)
  • 字数限制


Prompt: “Please provide a summary of the book “The Republic” by Plato in 100-150 words, focusing on the main points and conclusions.


Start with an action word


Can you tell me how to become a content marketer?

Create a career plan to become a content marketer in 2023


Let’s play a game

Let’s play a game. Act as a talented entrepreneur, with IQlevel of Elon Musk, Einstein, Tesla combined. I will be asking you many business questions you have to answer all of whose.

官网把这类提示词叫做 system message,我不太会翻译。概括地来说,是和GPT玩角色扮演游戏。

Prompt:You are an assistant knowledgeable about gardening. Help me understand how to grow sunflowers successfully.


Prompt: “I want you to act as a personal trainer, who can create customized fitness programs, provide exercise instructions, and offer guidance on healthy lifestyle choices. Assess my current fitness level, goals, and preferences to develop a tailored workout plan that includes strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and flexibility routines. Share tips on proper exercise form, injury prevention, and progressive overload to ensure continuous improvement. Offer advice on nutrition, hydration, and rest to support my overall well-being. My first request is ‘Design a 4-week workout plan for me to improve my overall strength and endurance, considering my limited access to gym equipment.’”


Prompt: You are a renowned chef, and I am your apprentice. Teach me how to prepare a gourmet pasta dish with a unique twist.




Step by step:给出分步提问/分步回答


Prompt: “Please think through the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, and then provide a balanced assessment of its potential as a renewable energy source.”


Prompt: “What are the first three steps in building a website from scratch?”


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